Chicken is the best in town!! Don't get confused by the name..... The rotisserie chicken is the best.... Haven't really tried the fried chicken but I bet it's pretty good cause my friend always gets it..... Price is good and taste also..... But it's definitely worth the wait if your in the mood for some good Latin food!!

Yelp Review, 2015


This is a place where you'll buy $15 worth of food and probably get to feed the whole family...I love this place.

Its a spot that serves typical dominican food - White Rice, Moro, Yuca, Habichula, Carne Guisao, Pernil, Tostones, Platano Frito.. Name it and its there... Love this joint, makes a spanish dude feel right at home

Yelp Review, 2014


The best Rotisserie chicken around!  The chicken is a big one for $9.  They cut it up for you and put marinated red onions on top.  It's amazing!

Yelp Review, 2012